venepuncture and cannulation

venepuncture and cannulation

This phlebotomy venepuncture training course is aimed at all healthcare staff, whose roles include taking blood:
Course objectives:

  • Define venepuncture
  • Identify suitable veins for venepuncture
  • Explore the problems in identifying suitable veins for venepuncture
  • Identify complications and actions i.e. faint, anxiety,

haematoma arterial puncture

  • Demonstrate health and safety awareness issues related to venepuncture e.g. hand washing,

needlestick injury, infection risk, and sharp disposal.

  • this runs from 9:30-12:30 cost £180
  • what is IV cannulation
  • procedures
  • health and safety

This can be taken online as a refresher or face to face.
This is a pm course 1-4pm £180
For the full day combined venepuncture and cannulation £250