Tear Trough +Temples

What Will I Learn?

This Safer Aesthetics advanced Tear Trough + temples has been structured from start to finish to help develop your skill and understanding around advanced dermal filler in these areas. Our advanced training will teach you how to rejuvenate the peri-orbital and temple region whilst providing you with all the theoretical and practical skills you will need to start practicing this treatment in your own clinic.

We cover

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Facial Ultrasound mapping
  • Cannula techniques
  • Important facial Anatomy and Facial danger zones for dermal fillers
  • Understanding the importance of injection technique and depth of injection.
  • Indications and Contra-indications of products
  • Management of risks, side effects, complications
Tear Trough +Temples

Our Promise To You

We have small groups on the day so you have the trainers full attention. If you're not feeling confident on leaving we will invite you back to the next practical session (lucky for you our delegates never need to use this option!). What's app support group with other students and expert trainers on hand 24/7

Client Details

Tear Trough +Temples