Advanced antiwrinkle/ toxin training

What Will I Learn?

This full day training is perfect for those practitioners who feel ready to advance and learn the full face approach with botulinum toxins. Completing the advanced training will ensure you are able to assess & treat the whole face, neck headaches and hyperhidrosis.
Once booked you will receive your E-learning package so you feel fully prepared for your practical study day with us. This is a full day of training and treating many models we feel any less isn't enough to learn all you need to know.

We cover

  • What is antiwrinkle and different brands of botulinum toxin
  • Consultations, Assessment and treatment planning using the full face approach
  • Dilution and reconstitution (more advanced reconstitutions discussed)
  • ANTT
  • Adverse effects/ complications
  • After care and treatment reviews
  • Current policies and procedures
  • Documentation keeping skills
  • Clinical photography and its importance to you and your patient.
  • GDPR and software's for clinicians
  • Live model practice - it is a requirement to bring your own model to treat on the day for free.
Advanced antiwrinkle/ toxin training

Our Promise To You

We have small groups on the day so you have the trainers full attention. Refreshments and lunch provided for full day courses. If you're not feeling confident on leaving we will invite you back to the next practical session (lucky for you our delegates never need to use this option!). What's app support group with other students and expert trainers on hand 24/7

Course Details

Advanced antiwrinkle/ toxin training